How to furnish bars’ and restaurants’ dehors in every season

“Summer is ending” was the refrain of a famous Italian Summer hit, but it is not time to withdraw outdoor tables and chairs yet, because the season of outdoor bar and restaurant is still going on. Habits have actually changed and people are always pleased to choose an outdoor accommodation for a drink, lunch or dinner, if conditions are favourable. Herafter, some tips for extending bars’ and restaurants’ outdoor service throughout the year.

Tips for living outdoor all year round

But, what if it’s cold? What if it rains? To use the outdoor space in all seasons, bars and restaurants should select smart and resistant furnishing solutions, since they must also cope with unfavorable weather conditions.

1. Sun umbrellas and more

Sun umbrellas protect from Summer heat and from rain. Different systems are available  and the one that best adapts to a specific space can be selected.  But first of all they must be robust and well structured, capable of resisting strong wind, that is umbrellas’ main enemy.

2. Infrared heating lamps and mushrooms 

To prolong the outdoor season also in the coldest months, infrared lamps and mushrooms can be used, since they can heat more or less large spaces through radiation. Bars and restaurants therefore can use their outdoor environments even in Fall and Winter, placing a heating mushroom near outdoor tables.

3. Blankets and cushions

In bars and restaurants, soft and colored blankets and cushions can also be left on outdoor chairs and stools, to protect guests from cold, create an atmosphere and make their stay in the room even more pleasant and comfortable. Windproof solutions are particularly interesting, such as this Sunbrella cushion, that perfectly adapts to the frame of Villa chair, designed by Colos

4. Partition systems

Space-delimiting systems are available to enhance the environment, also protecting outdoor tables and chairs from drafts and bad weather.

5. Gravel or stone floor

Flooring is important as well: the lawn must be taken care of, while the ground becomes a disaster when it rains. Compatibly with outdoor space, a flooring that is good-looking and functional should be provided, capable of draining water and resisting frost. In the event it is not possible to cope with some instability of the ground, Colos-designed Qu self-levelling table is an excellent solution, which we already talked about in a specific article.

6. Resistant outdoor chairs and tables

A separate chapter has to be dedicated to external chairs and tables that must be sturdy and waterproof, but also lightweight and stackable to be easily moved in case of extreme weather conditions.

Colos: many options for all seasons

In the Colos catalogue you can find outdoor designer chairs, stools and tables suitable for a use that goes beyond Summer months.  For gardens, terraces and dehors of bars and restaurants, you can choose amongst many models that combine aesthetics with functionality, comfort with sturdiness.

An example? The Momo Net collection, offering designer chairs and stools made from expanded metal mesh that is e-coated before being painted, making it highly resistant. These are smart chairs fit for a pleasant environment to be lived outdoor all year long.

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