Uneven flooring?No problems with the QU table!

Choosing furnishings for an outdoor area may become a problem in many cases: as against a perfectly flat flooring, at least five others are irregular.

The installation of an outdoor platform – however useful – may in some cases prove impracticable, due to a simple economic question, a sustainable approach to the environment (for instance in a park) or because it is prohibited by the municipal master plan (for example if the restaurant is located in the historic center or on the street side).

Yet, there is nothing worse than a wobbly table at a bar or restaurant: in addition to annoying the customer, it can actually become dangerous, because it is unstable.

Thus, how to avoid the problem?

tavoli qu e sedute piazza colos inserite in due contesti: pietra con pavimentazione irregolare ed erba

The age of rubber or felt feet, or (even worse) of folded paper under the table legs is now over: the most effective and long-lasting solution lies in the choice of a self-levelling product.

Thanks to its particular structure, in tubular metal frame, the QU table automatically adapts to any slightly uneven surface, such as grass, porphyry, cobblestone or stone.

A particularly suitable choice, therefore, for dehors and surfaces in period locations such as squares and villas, but also in natural contexts such as gardens and parks.

A design for every style

QU table’s minimalist and essential lines are not just the result of a research about trendy styles. Such a functional element in fact has to be inserted in the most varied contexts without problems, from the most modern to the most classical one. But that’s not all. It must be able to match effortlessly with chairs, counters and other necessary furnishing elements, whether minimal or more particular.

QU’s squared tubular frame succeeds in meeting this need simply but effectively, adding an extra touch: the colour.  The table is actually available in six standard finishes (white, mustard, dark green, dark grey, aubergine and black). There’s also the possibility of selecting large-scale custom-made colours, as in the Tukan Beach project in Caorle, for which a pastel palette was chosen.

The last curiosity? The ability to stack up to 12 tables when they are not needed. A useful function especially for outdoor environments: at the end of the season, moving the furnishings into the warehouse will be a child’s play!

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