Re-al: the new durable and sustainable outdoor seat

Colos continues to distinguish itself for its commitment to innovation and sustainability with the new Re-al seat, designed by designer Jun Yasumoto.

This seating collection has been specially designed to meet all the requirements of outdoor environments. Here, eco-friendliness, durability even in extreme conditions, versatile aesthetics and comfort go hand in hand.

Does such a chair seem like a mirage to you?

But as of today it is Re-al.

The secret of its structure: recycled aluminium

The Re-al seat is made entirely of recycled aluminium from post-consumer cans and post-industrial waste: a masterpiece of environmental responsibility.

Aluminium, known for its lightness and durability, gives the seat a robust yet manageable structure and exceptional resistance to the elements, making it ideal for any outdoor environment, from restaurant terraces to seashores.

A simple, functional and versatile design

Re-al’s design is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. With its clean lines and minimalist appearance, it fits harmoniously into any context, adding a touch of timeless sophistication. The collection comes in two variants: Re-al 1, without armrests, for optimal freedom of movement, and Re-al 2, with armrests, for additional comfort. Both versions are available in no less than seven different colours, guaranteeing maximum comfort and maintaining an unpretentious style, ideal for adapting to the most diverse contexts.

The ultimate outdoor seat

One of the main advantages of this seat is its exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions. Whether it is scorching sun, pouring rain or bitter cold, Re-al remains unflappable, maintaining its integrity and beauty. This resilience is due not only to the quality of the recycled aluminium, but also to the advanced manufacturing techniques adopted in its production.

Each chair is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacement and thus further contributing to the reduction of environmental impact.

It is also easy to maintain. The smooth aluminium surface allows for easy cleaning, with no need for special treatments or harsh chemicals. A further advantage for the management of bars and restaurants, where ease of use is essential.

Re-al is proof that a chair can indeed be eco-friendly and at the same time have all the features necessary for outdoor use. In fact, it is the use of recycled aluminium that gives it its exceptional characteristics of strength, durability and lightness.

The result is an exceptional seat, ready to be put to the test!

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