Multifunctional design with Pigreco

Stool, coffee table, footrest, object holder or furnishing accessory? Pigreco is all this and much more. Its multipurpose design makes it suitable in many environments featuring different functional and stylistic needs.

The good reasons to insert such an object in a furnishing project are so many and valuable in various contexts, from private homes to public places. Let’s discover all of its strengths together.

The benefits of multifunctional design

Multipurpose design is an increasingly popular trend in the furnishing world, above all to meet the needs of contemporary architecture, focusing on optimizing spaces to make environments more versatile, with multiple end uses.

To satisfy this continuous search for the hybrid, industrial design is increasingly oriented towards creating multitask solutions. These solutions can change shape or function according to needs, always with an eye on the aesthetic rendering, of course. Useful yes, but also beautiful to look at! Which is the essence of every designer’s thinking.

Therefore the multifunctional design has several advantages, since it enables to reduce the number of objects needed for furnishing, leaving more habitable space and stimulating creativity and customization, moreover offering original and versatile solutions that can be freely interpreted.

Pigreco by Colos is a perfect example of multifunctional design

A simple and at the same time complex shape, an iconic piece of furniture suitable for every situation. Pigreco stool was designed by Francesco Meda for the purpose of creating a multifunctional support. Thus not just a chair, but also a coffee table, a footstool and a design piece coming in six different colours, working equally well in indoor and outdoor settings of bars, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, yachts, residential poles and many other situations.

Comfortable, sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean, this stool features a polyethylene single shell obtained from rotational technology to get a highlighted sculptural effect.

Its structure takes inspiration and name from the letter P of the Greek alphabet. Pigreco expresses a combination of perfection and balance: they can actually be found in this piece of design, laying its foundations on ancient and universal principles integrated into the contemporary world, giving them every time a new meaning.

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