A walk in Venice with a break at the Le Cafe bar

The charm of Venice flows not only along its lagoon canals with the unmissable gondolas, but also among the countless and narrow streets that lead from one campo to another, in the many sestrieri (districts). Well, the Serenissima’ s toponymy has its own lexicon, which however is easy to discover and appreciate, walking up and down the city’s bridges: ready to follow us?

Venetian street vocabulary

Sestriere: one of the six areas Venice is divided into (Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Polo and Santa Croce), i.e. the areas called neighbourhoods or districts in the other towns.

Calle: it stands for street (“via” in Italian): typical Venetian calle are long and narrow and they almost create a labyrinth in the city.

Salizada: very wide calle that can be considered a main street. Subsequently it features paving slabs, often made of flint (in Venetian salizzo, hence the name).

Campo: an open space surrounded by buildings, commonly identified as a square, yet in Venice the only place considered as a square is her Majesty Piazza San Marco. Smaller “campi” are called campielli.

Fondamenta and Riva: the road stretch (naturally always pedestrian) that runs along a canal or stream.

Rio: the smaller canals, which merge into the four main canals of the city (Canal Grande, Canale di Cannareggio, Giudecca and Scomenzera).

Ramo: the smallest branch of a street, which often leads to a pier or a private house: once taken, “reversing” is guaranteed.

To orient yourself in Venice, you can find these indications on the nizioeti (i.e. “small sheets”), which are the typical white signs with black writing painted on the city’s buildings.

Walking from one street to another we arrive at the lively Campo Santo Stefano, located in the city centre, in San Marco district.

Here we immediately notice the Colos tables and chairs on the large terrace at the Le Cafe bar: let’s sit down for a pleasant break!

Colos chairs and tables at Le Cafè bar in Venice

Venice is one of the most charming cities in the world, a popular destination for tourists from around the world, unique both for its history and its urban planning. Its uniqueness makes it a wonderful place, but at the same time  a fragile-one, often difficult to manage for its citizens who live there every day. In such a city, those who have a venue must count on chairs and tables that are resistant and at the same time easy to move for any eventuality, including high water episodes.

That is why Le Cafe bar in Campo Santo Stefano relied on the design and quality of Colos products, choosing the Villa chairs designed by Jun Yasumoto and TA tables designed by Jeremiah Ferrarese.

These chairs and tables are made from steel, they are very sturdy for outdoor settings, they are perfect for resisting sun, rain and the windiest days.  Both of them here come in dark green: ideal for giving a green touch to spaces where plants and natural elements cannot be inserted.

Villa chairs were selected in the armrest version, to ensure customers top comfort.

TA tables can be immediately recognized for their tubular frame, whose three-legged base ensures a perfect stability starting from the core. Therefore the table’s corners stay freer and subsequently the space for the guests’ legs increases. This particular design also allows you to store the tables by stacking them horizontally, thanks to their comfortable folding top.

The terrace can thus be set up and dismantled in just a few steps!

Would you like to go on strolling through Venice?

Please stop at Tesa 105 at Venice Arsenale: here you’ll comfortably sit down on Piazza chairs, always by Colos!

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