Tesa 105: a redevelopment project for Venice Arsenale

To authentic Venetians, the term “Tesa” is familiar and rooted in the soul of the city. For those who have never seen the lagoon or have had few opportunities to visit it, it is probably a word with an obscure meaning. And here we are to clarify it immediately: in general this term identifies a section of the “Squero”, i.e. of the boatyard. Specifically, this is the most sheltered area from the elements and therefore it lends itself to being a working place and at the same time a storage area for tools.

The Arsenale, today mostly known as “Biennale di Venezia” exhibition fairground, therefore is composed of various “Tesas” and, over the years, it has been subject to several redevelopment works, aimed at rethinking the large spaces available to make them accessible to citizens and tourists.

Also part of this renovation is the project for the recovery and enhancement of the Tesa 105 building, whose works were completed in 2011. The project was developed by a group of three young architects, Andrés Holguin, David R. Morales and Alvaro Solis, from Glass Architettura Urbanistica Venetian Studio.

From shipyard to multifunctional center

The incredible transformation of Tesa 105 ancient sixteenth-century building can be considered one of the most innovative examples of conversion in Italy in recent years. The completed project resulted from an international contest for young architects organized by the Arsenale di Venezia Spa company, supported by the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape.

The original building was fully protected and at the same time the interiors were completely refurbished, reinventing them through a 1,100 m2 space, arranged on three floors for meeting rooms, offices, large corridors, an info point and book-shop, a reception, a multipurpose room and a refreshment point. In such a large place intended for the most varied end-uses, the bar becomes the fulcrum of the entire building, the meeting point for all the people using the spaces available.

The choice of comfortable, practical, versatile and good-looking furniture is therefore fundamental: all characteristics that belong to the Piazza chairs by Colos!

Colos chairs at Tesa 105 in Venice Arsenale

For Tesa 105 bar, a minimalist and total white furnishing style had to be selected to respect the historical structure that acts as a shell and precious frame for this place. At the same time, the highly modern interiors – featuring a contemporary design with clean and sober lines – had to be valorised.

For this purpose, Piazza by Colos chairs with armrests designed by Jun Yasumoto were chosen. They feature a delicate and comfortable look, with a sturdy and solid base. They are ideal to welcome any type of visitor who arrive at this special corner of Venice.

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