Colos Tables and chairs for a creative place in downtown Seoul

Today we are taking you to the East and more precisely to the lively capital of South Korea. Right in the center of Seoul, a really special building can be found, where history and modernity merge, to give birth to a thriving creative space.

The context of the Oddhaus creative space

Entering the Oddhaus creative space, today we can find a restaurant and an original art studio, yet the structure boasts a long history, that can be still breathed amongst its walls.

At the end of the Joseon dynasty, the Confucian realm lasting almost five centuries and finished in the late XIX century, this place was called Jolly House, where the diplomats’ social meetings were held.

Since 1923, it became the seat of the US military government and was transformed from a governmental-military place to a place of culture in 1967, when it became the headquarters of the Shina Ilbo offices.

In South Korea everybody knows this name since it is the first color newspaper in the country and its head office has been in Seoul’s very heart for almost one century, collecting and telling Korea’s modern and contemporary history.

The building is immediately recognizable from the outside by its exposed red bricks and it boasts a sumptuous interior with several mid-1920s friezes and fireplaces from Shanghai. This building’s historical value is undisputed, to such an extent in 2008 it was declared cultural heritage by the Korean Government.

Starting from 2022, the Oddhaus creative space was established here, where creative companies from different fields have found their headquarters, ranging from architectural to interior design, from advertising to ceramic processing, up to artistic consultancy.

Every visitor here can perceive a perfect harmony between the old and the new, as well as a vibrant power, in-between past and future.

The outdoor furnishing style by Colos

For Oddhaus’s external area, Colos-designed modern chairs and tables in dark green painted metal were selected.

The choice is particularly successful because it finally results in a wonderful and harmonious contrast with the red brick of the building walls and the square paving.

The Ta tables designed by Jeremiah Ferrarese can be easily stacked and overturned in a few moves and the Villa chairs designed by Jun Yasumoto guarantee maximum comfort and are ideal for encouraging the exchange of ideas, unleashing creativity.

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