Colos tables and chairs at Milan-based Osteria Democratica

Talking about Colos tables and chairs meeting  with the relaxed atmosphere of the Osteria Democratica in Milan means immersing yourself in a symphony of style and conviviality.

An experience that embraces Italian design and the liveliness of a one-of-a-kind venue.

The uniqueness of Milan-based Osteria Democratica

Corso San Gottardo road with its peculiar urban art is the context where Osteria Democratica was born, which certainly could not lapse into banality.

This one-of-a-kind venue, resulting from the recovery of a disused premise owned by the Municipality of Milan, is located at the intersection with via Conchetta, not far from Naviglio Pavese.

The outdoor area immediately amazes and welcomes customers, coming as a green oasis, with palms, flowers and bamboo: an atmosphere to breathe deeply. Here the experience begins even before ordering the meals.

Colos tables and chairs for un unforgettable outdoor experience

Osteria Democratica outdoor area, designed to celebrate open air conviviality, is enriched by Colos refined pieces of furniture. Here Qu and Ta tables combined with Piazza chairs, all of them in a suggestive dark green, harmoniously merge with the surrounding context.

Qu tables and Ta tables give the venue a practical and elegant touch. The former are perfect for the cobblestone paving, since their structure was designed to be self-levelling. The latter are very comfortable due to their reclining top.

Their presence helps to outline a space where good food and design lovers can meet in a perfect combination. Piazza chairs are not only a furnishing element, but a real invitation to enjoy the comfort they offer. Their versatility adapts to any circumstance, creating a welcoming environment, boosting guests to relax and enjoy every moment spent in this innovative venue.

Osteria Democratica, with its combination of history and modernity, therefore finds an elegant fulfillment in Colos outdoor furniture. Qu and Ta tables and Piazza chairs, with their refined simplicity and dark green, are perfectly in tune with the context, elevating the gastronomic experience to a mix of social life and design.

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