Colos chairs and tables in the Muzej Jugoslavije’s Café

Muzej Jugoslavije, a public museum that documents Yugoslavia history and legacy in-between past and present, selected Colos Split chairs and TA tables to furnish its bookshop with café, a modern and welcoming space where visitors can relax and enjoy a break with a view on the wide green park the museum is surrounded with.

Il Muzej Jugoslavije: a museum open to dialogue

Muzej Jugoslavije is located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It houses a collection of over 75,000 objects documenting the recent Yugoslav past. The current institute is the evolution of a place that from 1996 to 2016 housed the “Josip Broz Tito” Memorial Center and the “Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Nations and Ethnic Minorities”.

Due to historical-social circumstances, considering wars and Yugoslavia disintegration in the 1990s, these museums had become a burden, unwanted witnesses of the past, whose traces tended to be erased by the present.

Thus, in 2016 these institutions were dissolved to create a new Museum of Yugoslav History, capable of preserving collections, stories and documents so as not to hide the past, but to enhance it as an opportunity to reflect on the present and the future.

Therefore the museum became a lively and highly contemporary place, thanks to the organization of events and exhibitions, that can be held also because new modern spaces were created. Spaces that are open to the community and that impeccably welcome visitors.

Today Muzej Jugoslavije comes as an open dialogue place, where knowledge and experiences on 20th century social and cultural phenomena can be exchanged, involving institutions, organizations and people interested in issues relating with the Yugoslav heritage and past.

Colos Split chairs and TA tables for the museum experience

Through its educational programs and activities, Muzej Jugoslavije encourages social memory and the culture of memory in a place that is anything but static, where public participation through a continuous exchange of ideas is essential.

This concept is supported by space organization. An example is the recently-created building featuring a bookshop with café, where meetings and events are organized all year round.

To furnish this dynamic and ever-changing place, Split chairs and TA tables by Colos – standing out for their minimal, functional and easy-to-handle design – were selected.

The Split chairs, designed by Francesco Meda, have a painted steel structure with polypropylene seat and backrest, which makes them stackable and lightweight, to be easily moved if necessary. They are also highly comfortable, since they are ergonomic and flexible: they are perfect to listen to conferences, relax at the bar or to find the perfect comfort to start stimulating conversations.

With the distinctive design of their tubular steel frame, the TA tables by Jeremiah Ferrarese are immediately recognizable. TA tables also lend themselves to continuous position changes, thanks to their practical mechanism to overturn the top and stack the tables, compacting them to take up as little space as possible.

Colos Split chairs and TA tables thus are the ideal choice for Muzej Jugoslavije café, not just for their practicalness but also for their aesthetics.

They actually give indoor and outdoor spaces a modern and welcoming mood, in tune with the museum’s mission and vision.

Ph. Credits: Relja Ivanić per Muzej Jugoslavije

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