Colos chairs for a 1950s-style venue

Are you crazy about Grease, jukebox music and the pin up look? In that case, the Corner Burger in Auckland, New Zealand is the perfect place for you!

Let’s sit on the Piazza chairs designed by Colos to enjoy all together the atmosphere of the roaring Fifties, tasting some excellent burgers.

A perfect furnishing style for the Corner Burger menu

The best burger needs to be tasted in an appropriate setting. This was the inspiration for the Corner Burger design project, expressly planned to make the most of the venue’s culinary offer.

Much more than a simple lunch or dinner, here the burger becomes a real experience, where details make the difference both in the presentation of the sandwiches and in the location.

As you walk along the street, the first thing you notice internally from the large external window is the red neon light with the restaurant’s logo. Using very simple geometric lines, the venue’s soul is immediately represented. This is a place where quality ingredients come first to create a hamburger with an unparalleled flavour.

Il bancone per le ordinazioni è pienamente in mood Fifties specialmente grazie all’aggiunta delle luminose insegne vintage, che con parole molto semplici indicano in modo chiaro ed efficace i principali prodotti che si possono consumare. Un tocco in più è dato dall’ampia freccia “Pick up” per il ritiro del proprio vassoio.

Anche i posti a sedere sono progettati per ricreare un fast food d’altri tempi, dalle panche stile American Dinner ai tavolini con piano a scacchiera, al cui centro sono sempre presenti le immancabili salse per le patatine fritte. A completare il tutto, le sedie Piazza di Colos!

Style and comfort with Piazza chairs

Strong, comfortable, versatile: Piazza chairs, designed by Jun Yasumoto, adapt to various contexts, from contemporary to retro environments.

The black colour was selected for the area in front of the counter, while the aubergine shade was used for the dehors, adding a lively touch to this bright space featuring an industrial-style.

Would you like to be inspired for your venue furnishing? Among Colos collections you’ll find the perfect solution for your style.

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