Colos chairs at National Taipei University of Technology

All over the world, the school year began and today we are flying to Taiwan to browse through the library benches of the National Taipei University of Technology, where we find the Split chairs by Colos to sit on.

One of the best universities in the world

NTUT is located in the very heart of Taipei, renowned not only for its skyscrapers and shopping streets, but also for an interesting cultural scenario, testified by the success of National Taipei University of Technology, that today is considered one of the most prestigious university centers globally.

NTUT is a public institution, founded in 1912 and is one of the first middle-high education institutions created in Taiwan. In over one hundred years history, it has trained countless professionals in the fields of design, architecture, management, as well as the human and social sciences. Today it offers 19 different undergraduate programs, 30 master’s programs and 19 PhD programs located across 6 colleges. Every year Taipei Tech, another name of the institution, is attended by 10,000 students, many of whom are international, coming from over 50 countries. One of the National Taipei University of Technology’s key strategies is indeed internationalization, made possible thanks to numerous postgraduate programs designed for students from all over the world.

This cultural exchange mood can be felt in almost all its spaces, starting from one of the classic symbolic places for studying: the library.

Split chairs selected for Taipei University

For National Taipei University of Technology’s library, Split chairs designed by Francesco Meda for Colos were selected.

Their base is strong and rigid to ensure top stability, whereas the shell is soft and comfortable and is ideal for students on books for many hours. Their frame, made from polypropylene and glass fiber, is very simple to be cleaned up and sanitized. Its minimalist and pleasant design, moreover, is perfect to create a sober and distraction-free, but at the same time aesthetically interesting environment.

Split chairs were selected due to their features also in other school contexts, such as the university canteens of the Osaka Sangyo University in Japan and the Sint-Maartens Instituut in Belgium, whose dedicated articles you can read below.

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