Colos chairs for a university canteen in Japan

Designing a university’s interior is a notable challenge, since surfaces are very wide and are intended to accommodate large flows of people.

One of the most complex areas is probably the bar and the canteen. Here spaces must be designed to ensure maximum functionality, since they are used in the same short period by a very large number of students, professors, researchers and university staff.

To guarantee safety, functionality and comfort, therefore its layout should be studied in every detail, starting from a key element that defines the precise point in which each person will stand for the whole meal: we are talking about the chair, of course.

Today we are going to look around the area dedicated to lunch and breaks at Osaka Sangyo University in Japan: here every design goal was achieved.

The project of a university canteen in Japan

The “Rising Sun” is often considered an excellent example of precision, organization and harmonious aesthetics. The Osaka Sangyo University canteen project is quite a good example.

The location is certainly interesting: this school dates back to 1923 in Osaka, in an area close to the ancient capital of Japan, Nara town. About 11,000 students attend its headquarters every year. Subsequently this is one of the most sought-after and important universities in Japan.

Here increasingly avant-garde training programs are proposed, featuring highly innovative projects. Just to make an example, in 1989 the OSU Solar Car Project was inaugurated: it was an industrial academy focusing on research and development for the production of cars running on solar energy.

This cutting-edge training program is also mirrored in the structure of the buildings, which are periodically renovated according to contemporary functional and aesthetic needs.

Lunch and coffee break areas have been deeply renovated over the last few years. Here contemporary pieces of furniture were selected, focusing on simple, airy and no-frills shapes.

The colored Spli GL chairs designed by Francesco Meda

At first glance, the tables’ light wood and the silhouette of the Colos chairs with legs coordinated with the top immediately stand out in the room. Well yes, for this project an all Italian chair was chosen: it is Split GL, designed by Francesco Meda.

Its design is perfect both for the educational and catering field and thus is recommended for this kind of room.

The Split GL chair guarantees order, practicality, comfort and at the same it is so elegant and contemporary: these colored chairs are recognizable at first glance.

A Split chair for every occasion

There is really a Split chair suitable for every interior, but also outdoor project. The first model was created with a shell and base made of the same synthetic materials. Yet the seat has a composition that makes it softer and more elastic to guarantee maximum sitting comfort.

Legs can be customized in wood, like those chosen in this project, or in metal, which makes them even more easily stackable. The metal version also comes as high stool and in a mini-release for kids: Split Kids, a nice product, very user-friendly for children.

From nursery school to university: the Split chair is the ideal travel companion at every stage of life.

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