Colour and creativity at Café Friedlich in Vienna with Colos chairs and tables

“Paradises can only be realised with our own hands, with our own creativity, in harmony with the free creativity of nature”.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

In the heart of the city of Vienna, just a few steps from the Danube, there is a secret corner of peace, nature and creativity: this is Café Friedlich, located inside the KunstHausWien Museum, dedicated to the visionary artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 – 2000) and where successful international photography exhibitions are hosted.

This venue, opened in spring 2024 by the managers Daniel Karl and Julia Häußler, is not an anonymous eatery, but becomes an integral part of the experience thanks to its colourful design, in which the Colos furnishings play a key role in creating a lively and cheerful ambience with an energy all of its own.

Art-inspired outdoor furniture

Café Friedlich is distinguished by a lively and welcoming outdoor environment, perfectly in line with the philosophy of Friedensreich Hundertwasse, who saw nature and colour as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In this context, the Colos outdoor furnishings with the Stecca chairs, designed by Alban le Henry, and the Ta tables, designed by Jeremiah Ferrarese, chosen for their modern style, blend harmoniously with the green interior garden and the lively architecture of the museum.

To furnish this special garden, chairs and tables were chosen in vibrant shades of yellow, blue and red, colours that reflect the joy and vitality of Hundertwasser’s works. The choice of this palette not only enlivens the outdoor space, but also stimulates a visual dialogue with the works on display inside the museum, creating an indissoluble link between art and reality.

Between aesthetics and functionality

The selection of this furniture for Café Friedlich was not only an aesthetic choice, but also a functional one. The Stecca chairs and Ta tables by Colos are known for their robustness and weather resistance, essential characteristics for outdoor use. In addition, the chairs are stackable and the tables have folding tops to allow them to be stacked, taking up very little space: an ideal solution in this context, which may often require a change of arrangement of the furniture, for example during temporary events organised by the museum.

An all-round green experience

In line with Hundertwasser’s principles, this bistro café serves vegetarian and vegan dishes, revisiting traditional Viennese cuisine and offering a dining experience that reflects ecological and sustainable values. This is reflected not only in the excellent dishes served, which are based on high-quality seasonal and regional ingredients, but also in Colos, choice of responsibly produced, recycled and recyclable materials.

Here you can enjoy delicious green options for breakfast, lunch and small snacks with coffee, cakes, homemade lemonades and much more. Of course, the menu also includes what was Hundertwasser’s favourite dish: nettle soup!

The garden of Café Friedlich is therefore a unique meeting place for all lovers of art, design and gastronomy, where Hundertwasser’s style and the contemporary taste of Colos furnishings come together to create an unforgettable experience.

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