Jeremiah Ferrarese talks about TA table

How did the idea of the TA table come about? What about its distinctive features?

After being interviewed about the birth of Momo Net chair collection, Jeremiah Ferrarese unveils the details of the project that led to TA coffee tables development.

What inspired you to design TA?

The end shape was the direct consequence of a practical need. For the TA table, we started from a functional intuition, associated with the need of developing a collection of folding tables capable of adapting to any space, context and requirements.  This resulted in a light and rigorous project, born from the intention to create a simple and at the same time immediately recognizable design.

More specifically, what about its highly distinctive base?

The shape of the three-legged base represents the true heart of the idea, since it is fundamental for the creation of the top tilting mechanism and for the balance of the table as a whole.

The deliberately simple mechanics is made up of three plastic parts, that, when mounted together form a harmonious, solid and particularly intuitive whole. The lever is the main element because it combines handle, hinge and contrast lever, bringing them all together.

Thanks to this stratagem, the mechanics of the support and the locking of the folding surface are simplified and lightened, while maintaining the structure’s solidity.

Furthermore, assembling and disassembling operations of both the top and the fixed structure are very simple.

For which type of environment was the product designed?

As I’ve already said, the project was born to offer a versatile, stackable, easy-to-move table, suitable for different situations. Its modern and playful design is fit for furnishing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, such as bars, restaurants, collective spaces, classrooms, multipurpose rooms and much more.

To maximize the opportunities to use it,  the TA table comes equipped either with round and square-shaped top, in high or low version. It can be customized with six different colours.

The beauty of the TA collection is intrinsic to its concreteness and is immediately perceived.

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