Jun Yasumoto talks about Daily

The retro design of the Daily chair by Colos, with its contemporary features, elegant bearing and uniqueness at first glance, takes us back in time.

Daily was designed by Jun Yasumoto, who, in the following interview, tells us more about the project birth and his vision for this product.

Let’s listen to him

What about your inspiration? Was there a special moment the idea arose from?

The idea of combining plywood with metal frame came naturally. Everything began when I thought it would be interesting to introduce wood into Colos collections. Later on, the steel tubular frame was an immediate pairing, since this material processing is what the brand stands out for.  

While I was designing the chair, I made sure the tubular frame was not just a functional element. I wanted it to be the key element of the chair’s visual coherence. I didn’t try to “hide” the tube under the seat panel, but I deliberately decided to show it off by positioning it close to the sides of the wooden seat: this is one of the key aspects of this project.

This way, I could keep a continuous vision of the structure between rear and front legs, a detail that is not so obvious, but discriminating for this chair.

For which environments did you imagine this chair? Why?

Daily was designed as a versatile chair for any type of interior environment. Depending on the tube and wood finishes combination, this chair can fit in either an informal space or in a distinctly functional context, as well as in a more elegant and refined environment.  

What do you think are the best combinations with Daily?

I’d say the best effect can be always got with the simplest and most authentical things.

The finish is so important in this product: tell us more about it.

As I told you, depending on wood and steel combinations, a very different look of the chair can be obtained. The many combinations, ranging from black or white powder coating, the frame chrome finish and natural or black painted oak, enable to fit it in any space.

Describe Daily in three words only

Comfortable, welcoming, versatile

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