5 tips to furnish your venue’s outdoor

Outdoor space is a precious resource, especially in Summertime, in any type of public place.

For cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, pastry shops, hotels and bars of all types, it is essential to be able to make the most of their own outdoor area, whether small or large, to maximize hospitality.

Yet, what really makes the difference won’t be the square footage available, but the way it is organized and the atmosphere you can breathe there.

Therefore, let’s see together 5 tips to make your venue’s outside unique, turning it into a special place, where customers will wish to come back again and again.

1. Identify a well defined style

First of all it is essential to choose a style in tune with your venue’s deepest soul to get a coherent, recognizable and personal layout of the place, that can clearly distinguish itself from any other place nearby. This doesn’t mean reproducing the same interior furnishing elements, but identifying a representative theme from your history, cuisine or aesthetic taste.

2. Carefully select furnishing accessories

If, for example, your venue takes inspiration from Mediterranean tradition, you can choose bright colors, aromatic plants, ceramics and typical fabrics. If you prefer an essential and contemporary style, you can turn to minimalist furnishing accessories, featuring very clean geometrical lines and neutral shades.

3. Space for greenery

Every natural element, either already present or to be inserted into your outdoor area, is going to be a precious furnishing idea to create a relaxing and pleasant mood, as well as favouring a better quality of air and climate.

You can plan a strategic plant location, both to create shaded areas during the day and to decorate the space scenographically.

4. Exploit light, night and day

In every outdoor space, please consider that brightness, as well as temperature, changes continuously during the day. Therefore, seats placement must be carefully studied to create a favorable condition at all times.

For the evening hours, consider installing soft lights or lanterns, so as to create a fairytale environment with seductive plays of shadows and reflections.

5. Choose chairs and tables that are expressly created for the outdoor

Outdoor chairs and tables must be resistant, handy and comfortable. Thus, focus on quality materials, fit for withstanding high and low temperatures, salt, gusts of wind and for staying in the sun for prolonged periods.

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