Sustainable materials for eco-friendly chairs and tables

When it comes to design, sustainability cannot be ignored. Designing actually means thinking about the future and thinking about the future means focusing on planet safeguarding. It is with this in mind that sustainable materials are widely used in the production of Colos chairs and tables, consistently with the “zero waste” model of their production.

Recycled plastic, eco-friendly fabrics and wood coming from responsibly managed forests only: these are the sustainable materials that Colos uses to create green and quality products.

collezione di sedute, poltroncine e sgabelli Loria di Colos / Cerantola, in diversi colori e strutture

Chairs made of 100% recycled plastic

Loria, the new Colos collection by Jun Yasumoto, represents an ode to furnishing versatility and customization. This collection features a tangible commitment to sustainability through the innovative use of recycled plastic.

In particular, the “Grigio Caldo ECO” finish is made from 100% recycled polypropylene, using a balanced mix that comes 50% from post-consumer waste and 50% from post-industrial waste.

Post-consumer plastic waste comes from plastic bottles, food packaging, cosmetics or cleaning products, while the industrial component comes from plastic waste from production processes.

This choice not only reduces raw material consumption, but actively contributes to waste recycling, minimizing pollutants. Furthermore, Loria collection is also designed to make the replacement of components as easy as possible, a gesture that optimizes resources and reduces waste.

Fabrics that tell sustainable stories

Colos’ focus on sustainability also extends to the textile world with the use of Time by Fidivi fabric in the Loria collection. This 100% recycled polyester fabric, sourced from PET bottles, is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). As well as guaranteeing a natural look and a soft touch, Time is resistant to wear, rubbing and light, ensuring the durability and quality of Colos chairs.

Focus on raw materials with FSC certified wood

The Daily chair, also designed by Jun Yasumoto for Colos, is an expression of timeless elegance, with an eye on sustainability. As with all Colos products, the wood used to make it is strictly FSC certified to guarantee that it comes only from responsibly managed forests. This chair not only offers unparalleled comfort, but also represents concrete involvement in environmental protection. FSC certification, in fact, guarantees the sustainable origin of the wood, respecting the principles of biodiversity, local community rights and product traceability.

Recycled polypropylene chairs, Warm Grey ECO finish in 100% recycled plastic, the eco-friendly fabrics and the FSC certification for woods used for the products are clear examples of how sustainability can harmoniously combine with design aesthetics and functionality.

Colos does not simply follow a trend, but is actively committed to a future in which eco-compatibility is the cornerstone of modern design, making its products not only beautiful but also bearers of an environmental responsibility message.

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