“Zero waste” production for sustainable furniture

Sustainability is a challenge that involves any production sector, including furnishing.  Being committed to creating sustainable furniture is an added value, involving plastic recycling and the designing of products that give life to waste materials, which means saving resources, reducing pollutants and protecting the planet.

Colos products meet this philosophy, offering top quality chairs and tables, developed either with recycled or recyclable materials, in compliance with the highest eco-compatibility standards. All this occurs thanks to Cerantola plants’ scrupulous and efficient production system.

Cerantola’s “Zero waste” production model

All Colos products – entirely Made in Italy – are manufactured in Veneto-based Cerantola headquarters.  Cerantola is a leading manufacturer of components for office and conference chairs, as well as of chairs for the business, residential and contract fields.

Cerantola production hub features almost 30 thousand m2 of manufacturing plants, where everything is recyclable and recycled.

Sustainability is an essential value for the company, which chose to adopt a “zero waste” production model. This means that all production components that do not meet color or quality requirements are recovered and reused to create new products, minimizing the environmental impact. Moreover, the company also exploits waste coming from other sectors, turning them into increasingly ecological materials.

State of the art machinery for sustainable furniture

In order to ensure an efficient and sustainable production, Cerantola factories use state-of-the-art machines, resulting from continuous technological investments.

Precision molds, clamping presses up to 1,100 tons, robotic welding, the best 6-axis bending technologies and much more: these are the tools to get top quality results, constantly focusing on energy-saving and waste reduction.

A new highly efficient plastic molding machine was recently introduced, that enables to cut energy costs and optimize material consumption. A further new step towards green production.

The circular production of plastic

Polypropylene is one of the most used materials in the production of Colos chairs and tables, but also one of the most problematic-ones, environmentally speaking. That is why Cerantola plants adopted an innovative and environmentally-friendly solution: the circular production of plastic.

Through an internal recycling process, unused plastic material is processed daily, preventing it from becoming waste.

Waste is thus transformed and reused to create new moulds, in a virtuous circle that reduces environmental impact and increases product quality.

Colos products certifications

The sustainability of the factories where Colos products are manufactured is not only a declaration of intents, but something real, certified by independent bodies. The company boasts two key certifications that testify its commitment for the environment: ISO 14001:2015 AQSCERT certification– i.e. the certificate of conformity for environmental management system and  ISO 14006:2020 Certificarsi Eood ‘s certification, focusing on products’ eco-design rate.

Thus, Colos is the ideal partner to develop indoor and outdoor projects focusing on sustainable furniture. Its zero waste, sustainable, circular and certified production ensures quality, beauty and environment-friendliness, with a production that really makes the difference for design and planet lovers.

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