How to choose stools and coffee tables for an office’s break room

The furnishing style of an office break area is essential to create a welcoming and functional working environment for employees. High stools and coffee tables are key elements for this area – although sometimes it is only the vending machine corner –  and must be accurately selected to meet workers’ needs.

In this article we’ll explore some key factor for your choice, with some design tips to create a space in tune with the latest furnishing trends.

1.  Consider the office style

Stools (or chairs) and coffee tables must be consistent with the office’s general design and furnishing. For example, if the office features a modern and minimal design, stools and coffee tables should be characterized by clean and simple lines. On the other hand, if the setting is more classic, designing should follow this style.

Choose colors, finishes and furniture designs so that they are consistent with the general office style.

2.  Design for the available space

It seems trivial, but furnishings are often chosen without fully evaluating the reference area, above all if it is a hybrid space such as the relaxation area. When the space is restricted, consider two main axioms: use only the strictly necessary furnishings and make sure they are compact and easily stowable (chairs and stools for example should be stackable).

3.  Identify space functionality

The coffee area furnishings must be suitable for their end use. If the break area is a small space adjacent to the vending machines, high tables might be sufficient, since they offer a comfortable surface for placing coffee and drinks, without taking up too much space. On the contrary, if the break area is also used for informal meetings, adding some bar stools is a good idea, so that to offer a more comfortable space in case these meetings last longer than expected.

4.  Choose suitable materials

Materials are a key factor to ensure a quality choice. It is essential to select resistant and long-lasting products, capable of resisting the coffee area’s daily wear. Products moreover should feature easy-to-clean finishes to facilitate the staff’s activity.

The choice of stools and tables for the coffee area requires a careful planning and assessment of the above-listed key factors. Choosing high-quality products that adapt to the office’s style and functionality is essential to create a welcoming and practical space for employees.

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