How to renovate your bar or restaurant

Renovating either a bar or a restaurant is a unique opportunity to update your clients’ experience and to create an attractive environment.

But what are the issues to consider for an optimal design?

Here is our check list with some practical tips to avoid making mistakes.

1. Identify your target

Before starting any renovation, it is crucial to identify who your customers are. Ask yourself who your clients are and what they want, so as to accommodate their preferences. Of course, this is just a starting point; in order to stand out you will have to add your personal touch, looking for a point of continuity with the previous look.

2. Play with walls

Walls will be the ideal canvas to express your creativity. Use colours that mirror the venue identity and test decorative elements, such as artworks, wallpaper and lighting effects.

3. Create specific zones

Divide your space into different thematic areas, thus offering new ideas for fully experiencing the atmosphere of the venue. For instance, in a restaurant, in addition to the area intended for consuming meals, you can create a lounge corner to invite people to stay longer or to make sure everyone can feel welcomed even when they are waiting for their table.

4. Eye-catching lighting

Well-designed lighting can make a difference in the atmosphere of your venue. Play with soft lights to create an intimate atmosphere or use a LED lighting to  give a modern touch.  Lighting can also highlight key elements, such as the bar counter.

5. Brand new chairs and tables

Just selecting modern chairs and tables can radically transform your space, making it decidedly more welcoming. Choose comfortable and designer chairs, so that customers wish to prolong their stay.

For this latest point, you can find so many inspirations among Colos collections.

Your bar or restaurant refurbishing is the ideal opportunity to give new life to your business and appeal a wider clientele.

By paying attention to details and creativity you can develop an environment that perfectly reflects the soul of the place and will be noticed.

On the cover: Knox Club – Ph. Credits: Identity Furniture

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