A wide range of colours for metal chair and table

Customisation and distinctiveness are qualities that distinguish all Colos chairs and tables. The metal and aluminium solutions then offer an additional possibility because they are available with options that go even beyond the standard catalogue proposals, offering a wide range of colour options to allow each room to express its uniqueness through a piece of furniture that is perfectly consistent with its image.

The Colos metal chair and table collections can in fact be chosen not only in the options proposed in the catalogue, but in all twelve colour variants, available across the board for products made entirely of this material: ideal for creating spaces that reflect every taste and style.

A wide palette of possibilities 

Bianco, Travertino, Torrente, Grigio Caldo, Senape, Rosso, Terracotta, Melanzana, Verde Scuro, Blu Scuro, Grigio Scuro e Nero: these are the 12 colours in which all Colos metal and aluminium chairs and tables can be chosen, available in different shapes and sizes to suit every environment. Cocktail bars, taverns, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias, beach kiosks, mountain clubs and the most diverse outdoor and indoor contexts: there is a proposal for every location. 

For those looking for something completely unique, with Colos every wish or need will be fulfilled. The request for a specific colour can be made for all metal and aluminium seats, from the iconic Stecca, Villa, Momo Net and C1 to the brand new Re-al collection, made from recycled metal and specially designed to withstand all weather conditions. The same request can also be extended to metal tables such as Ta and Qu to create indoor or outdoor furnishings with matching tables and chairs in the same colour or all different for surprising multicolour effects.

The choice of seating colour: an aspect not to be underestimated

The choice of seating colour is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also a powerful branding tool. A specific colour can become part of the visual identity of a venue, creating a strong association in the minds of customers. In addition, it is important to carefully select the shades of the chairs in order to integrate them into the existing architectural context.

Thanks to state-of-the-art painting techniques, it should also be emphasised that in the case of Colos chairs, each piece is not only beautiful to look at, but also durable and weather-resistant to retain all its beauty intact over time.

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