How to choose high bar stools

Informal, practical, comfy and trendy: high stools are a distinctive feature for a varied range of bars, from the smartest environments to unpretentious ones, offering a relaxed atmosphere.

But what about choosing the most suitable high stools for your venue?

Hereafter, a short practical guide to help you identify the right features, starting from your bar’s style.

A stool for every style

1. Industrial style pub

In terms of material, in this case either steel or black or grey metals are excellent choices. As far as design is concerned, it’s better to focus on solid and simple furnishings, such as the Villa collection by Colos, designed by Jun Yasumoto to ensure top comfort to both indoor and outdoor settings.

2. Poshy wine bar

To offer a pleasant tasting experience, every glass should be savored on comfortable and elegant chairs, such as the Split stools designed by Francesco Meda, that can be customized in terms of size, colours and materials, depending on needs

Sgabelli Split by Colos – design Francesco Meda

3. Fast food

In venues offering fast meals for customers of all types, such as managers on lunch break, lively students and families with kids, practical and resistant stools are required, such as those from Piazza collection by Jun Yasumoto. This glass-fibre-reinforced polypropylene chair is perfect for any situation and is available in seven colour options and from 65 to 75 cm height. Each variant is also equipped with a comfortable footrest.

4. Restaurant for business lunches

If the venue offers a slightly more refined cuisine, with meals mainly dedicated to workers from the nearby offices, in addition to the chair comfort, it will be essential to take into account the design, to create an original space, where to spend a pleasant lunch break.  An example are the stools from Stecca collection, designed by Alban le Henry, that also includes low stools, bench options and lounge chairs: this way you ensure customers the relaxation corners they are longing for.

5. Cocktail bars

For cocktail bars, it is essential to create an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, where to sip drinks very quietly. Amongst Colos collections, a wide variety of high and low stools are available, as well as chairs and tables that are ideal to create the perfect setting to hang out at the end of the day. If you want to use stools not only at the bar counter, but also to seat customers in the venue’s internal and external areas, high coffee tables to be matched should be selected. Amongst Colos collections, you can find a wide range of models for plenty of situations.

If you want to learn more about the topic, we recommend to read our article How to improve the service of bars and restaurants with stools and high tables.

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