How to choose chairs and tables for a pizzeria

Pizza quality is the real protagonist of a pizzeria and there is no question about it. Yet, what makes the difference for clients is also the service and the place’s atmosphere.

The experience begins actually before tasting the first slice and among the elements that can really influence meal appreciation, certainly comfortable tables and chairs are key.

But how to choose them?

Here are some tips to make the right choice.

1. Consider the space available

Before purchasing chairs and tables, you must carefully evaluate the space available in your room, in order to optimize both furniture layout and people circulation.

You can choose different solutions, such as round, square, rectangular or oval-shaped tables, chairs with or without armrests, stools or benches.

It is essential there is enough space among tables to ensure customers’ comfort and an easy service.

2. Choose your favourite style

Chairs and tables must be in tune with your venue’s style. You can opt for chairs and tables with the same style, or mix different styles to create and original and dynamic effect. For example, you can match metal chairs with wooden tables or coloured plastic chairs  with a more classic style tables. A chromatic and formal consinstency among elements is important.

3. Think about quality and resistance

A pizzeria’s chairs and tables must feature high quality and be resistant since they are subjected to intense use, with a frequent customer turnover within the same day. Thus solid and long-lasting materials, that do not damage easily and are easy to clean and maintain, must be chosen.

Colos range offers plenty of options, with an excellent resistance also for outdoor spaces.

4. Take comfort and ergonomics into account

Chairs and tables must be comfortable and ergonomic, in order to guarantee the well-being of customers and encourage them to stay longer in your restaurant. Thus it is better to opt for chairs that have appropriate support for backs and arms, tables that have an adequate height as against the chairs and enough space for the legs.

Of course, table width must also be considered, so that the large plates for classic pizza or the long platters for peel pizza can be positioned comfortably.

5. Look for originality and customization

Last but not least, to make your venue unique, try to give it an original and customized touch, by choosing chairs and tables featuring original design and finishes. Among Colos collections, you’ll certainly find the right inspiration.

On the cover: Piazza chairs by Colos for Pizzeria Tony’s – Kythira, Grecia

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